Hello Friends and Family,

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Maximum Mac

Last week, we had a deluge of packages arriving at our Mail & More mail box. In fact, it took me two trips to be able to carry it all home. It seems that Apple likes to maximize the number of packages — which was probably a good thing because I could not have fit a box with everything into our car. As anxious as I was to start assembling my new system, we still had a priority of completing our current auction listings.

By Sunday afternoon, I was ready to start. First step — move out the older (only 3 years old) Sony computer that I had dedicated to Photoshop and related work. Temporarily, it has been moved downstairs. Next step — move the newer (1 year old) Data Doctors PC to the spot formerly occupied by the Sony. This sounds easy but we have a huge tangle of wires on the wire holder under my desk. First, I had to untangle then re-run the wires.

Finally, I was ready to unbox the new Mac. I had purchased additional memory separately — so that had to be installed. These are the most unusual memory modules I've every seen. They looked like a miniature apartment or office building. Fortunately, they went in easily. Next was unboxing the monitor and positioning it on the desk. On a roll now, I then started hooking up all the wires and cables — plus the all important speaker system. Last, hit the power switches and see if it works. It worked! Mizuki straightened out the wires (she is so much better than that) for which I was so very grateful.

New DeskAnd now you can see the new office. Très cool, n'est-pas?

Of course, the hardware installation is only part of the job — now I am installing software. It is quite easy and relatively fast (easier and faster than on Windows) — but when you have a lot of stuff to install, it still takes time.

Plus I am still learning how to do certain functions that are old hat to me under Windows. Fortunately, I found a couple web pages on Apple's web site that offering some basic introductory steps plus "if-you-do-this-in-Windows-now-do-this-on-the-Mac" suggestions.

In addition, there are a number of utilities that I have become dependant on — and needed to search for an equivalent, either built-in or available as freeware or shareware.
Mac Monitor
The really impressive aspect of this system for a photographer is the size of the monitor — 30" diagonally. That's bigger than our TV in our living room (no, we have not upgraded to a big-screen high-def TV yet). In fact, we loaded up a Titanic DVD and watched a bit of the movie (sinking part) — we were both impressed.


Thursday, I head out to Maryland to visit my folks for two weeks. So the Mac can relax until I return. Then it will be quite busy.

 Life is good.

 B. David