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HP Retirement Anniversary II

Can you believe that Sunday was the second anniversary of my retirement from HP? An anniversary shared by many other HP alumni — including some who receive these humble musings. For the latter — Happy Anniversary!

Well, at least there were no major public scandals at Hewlett-Packard during this year. Of course, the news from friends still working at HP is a bit disquieting. It seems that HP has further abandoned the much-loved profit-sharing program — which had previously been transformed through several iterations of a bonus program (under Carly, that bonus was usually 0%) — and has now been replaced by a bonus program where each manager has been given a small pot of money to distribute to his or her employees as they see fit. Of course that means that the "teacher's pet" is likely to get the biggest bonus. I understand that there is a lot of dissatisfaction among the employees.

Also, I understand that HP has now put a lower limit on severance and early retirement payouts — was 12 months, now nine months pay. And I also hear rumblings about the possible closing of the Phoenix/Tempe HP office. Since it is normally like a morgue with so few people coming into the office, I would not be surprised if that happens.

But the goings-on at HP certainly have had minimal impact on me — as I continue to thoroughly enjoy my retirement. I looked back at the Life After HP messages for the last year and the year was so busy. Some highlights.

Blue Angels

Jules Feiffer

Quilt Pox


LA Shopping


Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction

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`Iolani Palace

Maui Cranes

Big Island Sea Turtle

Napali Coast

Santa Fe Workshops

NAPP Conference in Las Vegas

Mizuki in Las Vegas

Wow! It has been quite a year! In my retirement issue last year, I hoped for a year that would be as satisfying as the first. In fact, I think this second year may have been better. Is it too much to ask for year three to surpass year two? Perhaps, but we'll work on it.

And as I concluded last year — I hope that all of you can join me in retirement — if not this year, as soon as practical. It's a great time in your life and I recommend it highly.


Life is good.

B. David

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