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Apple Has Risen

HP 3000Last week I told you about my travails with my Windows-based PCs. As promised, I did take the malfunctioning beast to the computer hospital. It took them a while to get it working properly — but eventually, they were able to successfully re-install Windows. And now I am restoring files and re-installing software. Of course, none of this would be troubling if Microsoft could produce a proper operating system.

I am not jumping on Microsoft because of any personal animosity toward the company — I just think they could and should produce better products.

By comparison, when I was an SE at HP (seems like ages ago), refreshing or updating MPE on the HP 3000 was about a half-hour job. And when the job was complete, we could let users back on the system and the applications would be available immediately. Am I sounding like an old guy — "well, back in my day..." But it's true and a few of my friends who receive this little newsletter will confirm it.

Mac ProAfter last week's rant, I received a surprising number of replies telling me of good experiences with Apple. I even got the same encouragement from someone at my fitness center — he said that I would be very happy if I got a Mac.

So on Friday, I went to our local Apple store and talked to one of the young, hip Apple counselors. When they hire these folks, the manager must ask, "Are you young? Are you hip?" And if so, "Hired"!

Anyway, Jake was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I took a few CDs and a DVD that I had recorded with some of my images. I wanted to confirm that the Apple version of Photoshop would have no problems with the files I have already created either in Photoshop or with either of my two Nikon cameras. The Mac worked like a champ.

However, I quickly developed monitor lust! The Mac Pro (like the one pictured to the left) was attached to a 30-inch monitor. When I saw my images on that monitor, I knew I had to have one. Of course the price of the monitor would would make NASA blush — so I think the purchase of a monitor will have to wait. My current monitor is professional grade — but only 17-inches diagonally. Tiny by comparison to that 30-inch monster. But I'll be good and wait until I have a few extra bucks in my pocket that I don't know what to do with.

But I was now sold on the Mac Pro. There are less expensive models but this one has plenty of room for expansion — both main memory and disks. And since the boss (Mizuki) said that I have to get my money's worth out of this computer — I felt this was the better choice.

I still had one last detail to check out before I pulled out the credit card — and that was if Adobe does actually allow free license transfers between platforms, as I had been told. When I got home I called their customer service — and it is true. I do have to pay for shipping the media ($6.50) but that is more than affordable.

The Adobe rep did not have the definitive word on GoLive which I use to construct web pages — and promised to call on Monday.

So I plan to return to the Apple store this week and make my big purchase. I'm so excited!

All this running around has cut into my photography and golfing time. So I received a welcome email on Friday from a classmate from Eddie Soloway's class (The Natural Eye - the Summer Landscape). Matt lives on the Big Island and needless to say, we quickly became friends — comparing Aloha shirts each day of class (I won). Matt had shot film for that class and finally got his photos scanned and uploaded. It was a great pleasure to see his photos and remember the great week we had in Santa Fe. I suspect many of you would enjoy seeing his work — just click here.

 Life is good.

 B. David