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Living in a Fishbowl

Every once in a while you encounter something that is common in another culture but is completely new to you. Since Mizuki is from Japan, I am never surprised when something like this occurs.


However, I never in a million years would have expected to live in a fishbowl — but now I do. The "fish" are actually mylar balloons filled with helium to which decorative weights are attached to achieve zero buoyancy. These "fish" now float around the house on air currents, bumping into things and getting caught by the A/C air return duct.


They even have names — Nemo, Angel and Mambo. Somehow they are so cute, you forgive them their faults.


In addition to the "fish" are a couple "Earths" and a "Moon". Still photos don't really capture the dynamics but we'll try. Note that Mizuki gets credit for the three group photos while I took the close-ups. She's good!


Hey guys! Watch out for the ceiling fan — you might get hurt!


Life is good.

B. David

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