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More Quilt Pox

This week finds us in Maryland, specifically the Eastern Shore of Maryland, more specifically my parents' home in Salisbury, Maryland. And we arrived just in time. It seems my mom has been overwhelmed with an extremely virulent strain of Quilt Pox. Regular readers of these little essays may recall that Quilt Pox is an affliction that causes the victim to make beautiful quilts — many more than they can use and thus have to foist them on friends and family.

Fortunately, my mom has kept this disease under control. In fact, she has been busy taking squares (basic building blocks of quilts) that were made by other members of her Quilt Pox Survivors Group (although she calls it a Quilt Guild) then stitching them together and adding a border. The result is a multitude of small (child size) quilts that they plan to donate to a shelter for battered women — and their children. Often they come to the shelter with nothing and the kids are welcome to take the quilts with them when they find more permanent housing.

I am so proud of my mom and the other members of her Quilt Pox Survivors Group — that they could turn their affliction into a positive and help out these kids who have so little. Way to go Mom!

Life is good.

B. David

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