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Surprise Visit

We had a pleasant surprise this week — my step-son, Hogan (Kona's son), made a surprise visit to Arizona. The first I knew of his visit was a voice mail on my cell phone. He felt he had to get away for a few days (we've all been there) and just started traveling East (from California).

He was a proper tourist visiting Arizona — driving up to Sedona then down to Tombstone — putting lots of miles on his car. Fortunately, Phoenix is sort of in the middle of the state so he was able to stop and visit for a while.

We had a great hike in South Mountain Park — not many people on a weekday (although the park is so big that you really don't meet that many people even on a busy weekend). Then we grabbed a sandwich for lunch before he headed out for more "gettin'-away-from-it-all". It was a great visit but all too short.


One of the biggest auto auctions in the country is held each year in Scottdale — the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. I have never attended before, simply because work got in the way. Now that I am retired, I have no such roadblocks.

This was a new experience for me — although I am involved in eBay auctions (helping Mizuki), I do not have much experience with the more traditional format. It was pretty much what we've all seen on TV and in the movies. The auction is held in a huge tent (the one with American flag in the photo above) with a stage in front with a huge display showing the vehicle and current price, chairs for the bidders (plus some reserved bleacher seats for special folks), helpers looking for bidding signals and, of course, security personnel. The car which is being auctioned is pushed up onto the stage (not driven, to avoid the exhaust fumes) and the fun begins — the auctioneer who speaks/chants/sings the bids and encouragements to bid — going so fast that I could not make out exactly what he is saying (but I could follow on the display). The lighting was less than ideal for photographers — and the worker bees wouldn't stand still for me — but you can an idea of what it was like.

Since I have neither the interest in owning a restored classic automobile or the money or the storage space, I was content to simply wonder about and look at these vintage vehicles.

There were Fords and Buicks.

Cadillacs and Lincoln Continentals.

And do you remember Studebaker and Henry J? (Not many of us do.)

And what about those vintage 'Vettes and T-Birds?

And what about the fins?

By the way, on Saturday a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 "Super Snake" sold for $5.5 million at the Barrett-Jackson Auction. This is a world record for an American car sold at auction. The title on the description says it all — "Cobra To End All Cobras".

Ah, it was a wonderful walk down memory lane. They don't make cars like that anymore.


Life is good.

B. David

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