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Recovery From MD Trip

It is surprising how difficult it is to recover from a trip and get back into the normal flow of things. In addition to fatigue and jet lag, you have some immediate chores — collecting the accumulated mail, doing some immediate shopping, checking on your parched and/or overgrown landscaping.

In addition, I was still waiting to get the final word on my photography classes. While I was away, I actually cleared the wait list for the first class, Crafting the Fine Digital Print, being taught the first week in July. As a result, I received a questionnaire to complete plus recommendations from the instructor. He is suggesting reading parts of two books, one he wrote (good gig if you can get it — teach a class and make a few extra bucks on recommended reading) and one from another photographer/printmaker. I was able to obtain the latter locally but had to order the former — fortunately, it arrived toward the end of the week. Now to find time to read them.

On Monday, I received word that they finally have enough students for the Successful Travel & Stock Photography class which is being held the third week in July. They only have six students with two instructors — I think I will like that student-teacher ratio. Fortunately, no advance reading suggested. Quickly, I had to book my flights (the school offers on-campus housing during the summer months so booking that was simple) and shuttle transportation from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.

Ironically, I now have most of July booked for these two classes. In one way, it is fortunate because it should be a bit cooler in Santa Fe than Phoenix. July (for those of you who don't know) is normally the start of the monsoon season with higher humidity and frequent afternoon dust storms and/or thunderstorms.

Most of this week has been devoted to photography — for Mizuki's upcoming auctions. Since she was still in Japan (she had personal business to attend to and chose to do it while I went to Maryland), I was pretty much on my own to decide how to shoot the merchandise. All in all, it turned out well. Below are a couple samples.

Now it's Mizuki's turn to recover from her trip — she returned on Saturday. I do think it is more difficult for her because of the bigger time difference between Phoenix and Japan versus Phoenix and Maryland.

While in Japan, she visited with Pi-chan, who had visited us back in April. In addition, they plus Mizuki's good girlfriend, Izumi (with whom Mizuki was staying), took a side trip to Korean. While there, they visited another photo studio — one of the resulting photos is at the right. Left to right, they are Izumi, Pi-chan and Mizuki — all in traditional Korean dresses.

Interestingly, many people in Korean thought that Pi-chan was Korean and would often speak to her in Korean. Of course, she is Japanese and does not know Korean (the languages are very different).

Mizuki had a good time in Japan and Korea but was anxious to return home. I'm so glad she felt that way — since I was anxious to see her too. Now life can return to normal. Well, except for those classes in July that I have scheduled.


Life is good.

B. David

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