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65th Anniversary

As most of you will recall, my sisters and I planned to converge on my parents' home in Salisbury, Maryland to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. I left Phoenix on June 1st and flew to BWI (Baltimore-Washington International Airport). It was a delightfully uneventful flight, arriving on time albeit with a few bumps as we descended through the clouds on our final approach. I picked up my rental car and headed out toward Annapolis and the Bay Bridge.

After you cross the Chesapeake Bay, it is like going back to a simpler, quieter time. The Eastern Shore of Maryland plus Delaware and a small part of Virginia constitute the Delmarva peninsula. It is more rural, more agricultural than the bustling, stressful environs of the Baltimore-Washington Corridor. This is where I was born, where my parents were born & raised, and where they have returned in retirement. Specifically, they live in Salisbury, MD. More specifically, they live on the edge of this small city and it feels more rural than urban although the trappings of civilization are quite close.

My parents love nature and their backyard is like a wildlife sanctuary. They have variety of bird feeders, some designed to attract one specific kind of bird. In just a few minutes, we observed robins blue jays, cardinals, a downy woodpecker, grackles, purple finches and gold finches — not to mention squirrels and chipmunks.

Not far from my parents' house is Perdue Stadium, home of the mighty Delmarva Shorebirds. We attended the Saturday night game and watched the Shorebirds devour the Greensboro Grasshoppers (makes sense to me) 6 to 4. It is a real pleasure to watch these kids play minor league baseball (class-A) for the love of the game and chasing the dream of maybe making it to the Major Leagues one of these days. This is quite a contrast to the overpaid, over-pampered millionaires we are used to watching. After the game, they put on a spectacular fireworks show.

By Saturday, my three sisters were all here (one sister lives locally) and the family is complete. Sunday afternoon, we held an open house at my parents home, inviting my aunts, uncles, cousins and numerous of their offspring to join us in the "official 65th anniversary celebration". We had a wonderful time with about 25-30 relatives in attendance. In fact, I met a number of cousins whom I had never met before or not seen since they (and I) were children. As I write this, the company has gone home, we are both exhausted and excited about the day's events. Tomorrow we plan to visit Ocean City. Golf is on Wednesday. Tuesdays is still up for grabs.


Life is good.

B. David

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