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Hey, it's a big milestone for that little guy pictured here. It was exactly 60 years ago today that he made his first appearance on this Earth. And he wasn't even born in a hospital — but at his grandmother's house. Years later as an adult he would revisit that house, then owned by his uncle, and actually sleep in the room that he was born in. How many people can say that?

The time was just after the end of World War II, the latest "war to end all wars" — becoming part of the baby boomer generation. It is amazing to look back and realize that in 1946, radio was the big home entertainment device — television was just becoming available (TV production was suspended during the war) yet still a bit expensive for the average household. Color TV would have to wait for another generation to be widely available. Cars had manual transmissions — and what are seat belts? Computers required large refrigerated rooms, raised floors and could barely calculate projectile trajectories.

And that little boy grew up, went to college and became a computer programmer. His appearance also changed a bit. More hair on his head and chin. Quite a bit taller and perhaps not quite as chunky.

Computers were a bit smaller but still required good air conditioning and raised floors. But they were becoming more powerful. Now they could bill you $10,000 for your March electricity bill — and have the customer service representative say "computer error".

Color TV had become fairly common. Many cars now had automatic transmissions and some even had air conditioning.

As he matured, he fell in love with Hawai`i. On his arrival on his first trip, he felt so comfortable and welcomed. It was like he was Hawai`ian in a previous life and was coming home.

In the mid-1980's he gave up the stressful life on the mainland and moved to Maui. It was a great year or so — but unfortunately not sufficiently rewarding financially so he returned to California to resume the stressful life.

He never got Hawai`i out of his system, as of this date having completed more than 25 trips to the islands. And he incorporated Hawai`i into his life — the "aloha" greeting and farewell — brightly colored Hawaiian shirts — not to mention that fondness for macadamia nuts (especially the chocolate ones).

He took up golf relatively late in life. It seems to go together with Hawai`i. And now retired and living in Arizona, he can indulge in those things he enjoys — including a golf date today with his wife (a rarity she only permitted because of very mild weather for this time of year) followed by dinner at Tarbell's (click here).

Hey folks, it doesn't get any better than this.


Life is good.

B. David

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