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Yes, we’ve all read the recommendations that everyone should get a moderate amount of exercise — the debate seems to be how many days each week you should do it. But when you’re working, how can you exercise as often as “they” recommend? It’s tough to find the time with all the work and family demands that we all face. For a long time, I have dragged myself out of bed at 5:00 AM on weekdays to get my workout in and still make it to work reasonably on time — followed by breakfast at my desk, as I fired up the computer and read my email. Some people thought I was crazy — maybe they were right.

Formerly, I worked out at the resort hotel’s fitness center near my home (for those who don’t know my townhouse is in a resort community called the Pointe at South Mountain). It was quite convenient because it is only a mile away and right across the street from the old HP office. When our office moved a few miles south, there was a major reduction in the convenience index.

Fortunately, a new mega-fitness center opened about a half a mile from the new HP office — so I joined. It was not just the location but also the incredible facility. The place is huge — two stories with lots of equipment, free weights, classes, two gyms, racquetball courts, a rock-climbing wall, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis, child-care center, snack bar, massage and beauty salon. All this costs the same as my old fitness center.

Now that I no longer have to awaken at 5:00 AM, I have become quite faithful to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday workout schedule. Of course, a proper workout always concludes with time in the Jacuzzi (at least in my humble opinion). When I was working, it was only a dip before I had to shower and get ready for work — but now it is a long, relaxing, luxurious, fingers-look-like-raisins soak. The truth is that the Jacuzzi is the main reason for working out — don’t you agree?

What about Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday? Well, one needs time for hitting balls at the driving range, playing golf and just some simple rejuvenating hikes in South Mountain Park, whose entrance is just up the street from my home. I just purchased a nice walking stick to enhance the enjoyment — and, if necessary, to fend off any dozing rattlesnakes. (Honestly, I’ve never seen one in the park in my 11 years in Phoenix — but I figure it’s good to be prepared.) And what about the Jacuzzi on those days? We have one just across the street by our community pool.


Life is good.

B. David

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