Hello Friends and Family,

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Retirement, Mail Overload, Thinking of Napili

Retirement:  I had lunch with a longtime Agilent/HP friend who is retiring at the end of this year.  It was so much fun to share her excitement and to give her the assurance that retirement is good.  Heck, it's great.  

When I was returning home, I couldn't help but notice the bougainvillea (very common in Arizona) catching the sun and almost aglow.  That took me back to Hawai‘i where bougainvillea is everywhere.  More colors in Hawaii — red, purple, reddish purple, orange and white — than anywhere else I've been. Stop and smell the flowers (or look at them in the case of bougainvillea which have little if any scent).

And the mail: Can you believe that when I returned home there were 40 pounds of mail waiting for me?  In addition, there were three packages (not included in that 40-pound metric) that I had sent to myself from Maui.  Sorting, reading, following up on — mail is so much fun (he says sarcastically).  Still not done!

Back to Napili: The challenge of the mail plus the lure of bougainvillea coaxed me to access www.napilisunset.com (after it loads select “Live Cam” at the top of the page and accept the Flash plug-in — it will then display something like this picture). Gotta remember the time difference — but now I’m back at Napili — and it’s a beautiful day.  I love it!

Life is good.

B. David

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