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Mynas, Plumeria and White Noise

Napili Alarm Clock:
Obviously, when you are on vacation you don’t normally need an alarm clock.  But Mother Nature has other ideas in Napili, where I stay on Maui.  When the first rays of sunlight sneak over the horizon to brighten the sky, Common Myna birds begin their morning screech.  Soon the doves are cooing in response — followed by chirping of who knows what other kinds of birds.  It is hard to sleep through — but not a problem for me since I do enjoy rising with the sun then running or walking to start my day.  If you like to sleep in — I guess you’ll need your earplugs.

What Perfume Is That:
Now that I’m up and doing my morning run or walk, I notice the fragrance of Mother Nature’s perfume.  Plumeria, Natal Plum, Mock Orange, Honeysuckle (Honeysuckle in Hawaii?  Yes, Honeysuckle) and others blending in a perfume that humans cannot match no matter how hard they try.  Maybe that is why Mother Nature set her alarm clock for me.

White Noise:
White noise is a type of noise that is produced by combining sounds of all different frequencies together — for example, the static that one hears when you tune a radio to an unused frequency. HP uses white noise generators in their offices to mask the sounds of people talking, phones ringing, printers printing, etc. so that employees become less distracted by the noise, providing a more productive work environment. You never notice it unless the white noise generators are turned off — when it happens, it almost feels eerie.

Mother Nature also produces white noise — the one that I am currently enjoying is the sound of the ocean waves breaking and crashing on the rocks a hundred yards or so from my condo. It is so relaxing and refreshing — no problem sleeping here. In many ways, I am drawn to the ocean, the sound, the view, swimming, snorkeling, sailing — even hitting a golf ball over the ocean at hole #5 at the Kapalua Bay Course. I hope that at some point in your life, you can spend an extended time within sound of the surf so you enjoy that heavenly white noise for yourself.

What shall I do today?
Who knows but I think I hear the beach calling my name.  Or is it just white noise? 

Life is good.

B. David

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