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Life in Hawaii, Dinner with Steve and Maui No Ka Oi

Life in Hawaii:
I have begun to take note of what people do for a living. Perhaps being in Hawaii after having retired caused me to look at it with a fresh eye. Now when I’m in an ABC store (Hawaii’s version of 7-Eleven), I think about how much that person might be paid — maybe $10 an hour — and how could they afford to live here? The newspaper just reported that the median price of a home on Oahu is now something like $650,000. (That may not sound like much to my Bay Area friends but let me assure you that $650K is outrageously expensive for most of the rest of the country.) Do you think that maybe that ABC clerk is working two or more jobs to try and make ends meet? And his spouse is doing the same? Life can be a challenge.

Old Friends:
I had dinner with an old HP friend Friday night at a most enjoyable restaurant on the beach at Kapiolani Park. Perhaps it is because we are both getting older but we tend to cherish those old friendships in a new way once we’re retired (he is retired now also) — recognizing that we both remember the many threads of our friendship — but never even thinking about the work time we shared. We both look back in disgust at the stress we tolerated while working — but at least we are smarter now and are enjoying the “best years of our lives”.

Maui No Ka Oi:
For those of you who don’t know, Honolulu is a big city and I am no fan of big cities. The view from my condo in Waikiki was a forest of apartment towers — with only a glimpse of the ocean and Diamond Head — not even worth taking the camera out. Would you want THAT to be the memory that you take home from our vacation? Or would you prefer the scene at the right which is what greeted me on my arrival at the condo on Maui. BTW, the heading phrase translates as “Maui is the Best” — and who could argue with that? My blood pressure has gone down 20 points. I wish you all could join me and share that de-stressing offered by this lovely spot in paradise.

What shall I do tomorrow?
Tomorrow will tell me when it’s good and ready.

Life is good.

B. David

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