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Moeloa Falls

Moeloa Falls

And when you visit Waimea Canyon, take time to look carefully. For instance, you will see waterfalls such as Moeloa Falls — and helicopters noisily taking tourists for a closer look. You will also likely see soaring birds. And goats climbing over the cliffs making a living eating the sparse vegetation that they can reach.

Some people may find enjoyment in hiking some of the trails into the canyon. I met a couple who were staying at the same B&B who did it. They said it was spectacular — although they got soaked as they hiked. I was lucky the day I went and experienced beautiful weather. I suspect they may have found it even more spectacular if they had hiked in better weather.

You may or may not recall that Jurassic Park contained many scenes of canyons and waterfalls that were filmed on Kauai. In fact, the closing credits were run over scenes of Hurricane Iniki which hit just as the film crew was finishing their stay on the island. Other movies have also shot footage on Kaua`i but that's another story.

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